Why Testing And Tracking Are Essential For Corona

It's dangerous, and, certainly, unusual, when the President goes against the advice of the public health and scientific experts, and proclaims, testing for this virus, not only isn't that important, but the more, we test, the worse our results! Not only does that defy logic (Isn't it similar to saying, if you don't take a biopsy, there would be no cancer, etc?), but seems, to be, in - opposition, to the public's health, and well - bring! How many more must be infected, and/ or, even, die, before, both, our elected officials, and the core supporters, of Mr. Trump, wake - up, and demand wiser, better service and representation, and protect our society, and the world? The only certain way, to handle - this, is to use enhanced testing measures, rather than reducing/ minimizing them! Both, testing and tracing, are essential, if, we wish to avoid, a so - called, second wave, which, often, is even more severe and dangerous! With that in mind, this article will attempt to, briefly, consider, examine, review, and discuss, 4 key reasons, this logical, scientific approach, is followed, and pursued.
It won't go away, on its own!: Regardless of what President Trump claims, on a variety of instances, this virus is, neither a hoax, a political ploy, nor, will it, magically, just, go away, on its own! Although, it may seem to be, trending, in a desirable direction, we have already witnessed, a spike, in the incidents of infections, in areas of this country, who have opened, too soon! New York's Governor Andrew Cuomo seems to listen to the experts, and, has broken the state, into 10 regions, each of which, must meet 7 metrics, before reopening. He is also doing so, in phases, in order to carefully, proceed, forward!

If you don't test, the numbers will be better!: Instead of looking, at this issue, from a political, economic, or populist perspective, we need leaders, who are ready, willing, and able, to do, what's best, for the overall health of our citizens! When Trump tries, to articulate, a message, stating more testing, is not desirable, because, it will show more cases, this should alarm the public!

Science, and public health, matters!: Instead of ignoring science and public health experts, and saying, he follows his gut, the only smart, safe way, forward, in a sustainable, longer - term manner, is to effectively listen, and learn, from their expertise, and advice! This means, not only is more, better, accurate testing needed, and desirable, quality tracking is also, highly desirable, in order to minimize/ control, any unwanted, uncontrollable spread, etc! If you have any issues pertaining to where by and how to use goedkope zelftest voor Corona, you can call us at the website.

Planning, reality, ramifications: Despite their previous, numerous declarations, and statements/ accusations (blame and complain), his predecessor, President Obama, not only, left him a plan, but a 69 - page, thorough one! Instead of playing, the blame game, the reality is, Obama asked for funds for replenishing the nation's stock, of medical devices, etc, but, the Republican majority, in Congress, refused it. In addition, despite earlier warnings, and three years, in office, this administration, failed, to act! The apparent lack of adequate planning, and preparation, as well as failing to act/ being in - denial, brought forth, several apparent, undesirable ramifications!

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